Clyde Marine Medical Services, Mariner House, Watermark Business Park, 355 Govan Rd, Glasgow, G51 2SE



Clyde Vaccination & Travel Clinic in Glasgow provides a competitively priced service not only to merchant fleet, but also to members of the public. We can provide all routine vaccinations, all travel vaccinations and are a registered yellow fever centre. Advice regarding malaria prophylaxis as well as specialised vaccines such as Rabies and Encephalitis are available.


To find out more, or to make a booking, please call our Glasgow centre or email us:


t: +44 141 231 1130

e: [email protected]


Yellow Fever (10 years)     60.00

Hepatitis A – Havrix Mono (Booster 6-12 months then 20 years)    50.00

Hepatitis B (1 then 1 month then 6 months – lasts 5 years)    40.00

Typhoid (Typhim – 3 years)    35.00

Revaxis – (Diphtheria Tetanus Polio Combined)    30.00

Meningitis    60.00